We help adults with a troubled childhood transform their lives from fear, anxiety, disrespect and failure to confidence, strength, serenity and success.

Serenity Now Foundations teaches the most effective techniques available to significantly diminish the negative effects of child abuse without continuous effort.

Our mission is to provide
accessible, effective, affordable solutions to adults suffering from being abused or neglected as a child or having witnessed abuse.

7 STEPS TO TURN YOUR DEMONS INTO PUPPIES : "The Guide for Adults with a Troubled Childhood"

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We'll walk through how to know if your childhood affects you as an adult, why it has such a strong impact on you today and how to fix it. Discover the evolution of you while witnessing abuse, being abused or neglected as a child, and how to repair the damage.  

What People Are Saying...

I had tried all kinds of therapy and counselling and just wasn't really getting any results. This program has changed my life. The techniques were so practical and easy to do. The part I liked the most was how the facilitator defined and explained everything that was important to me.